5 Smartest Animals in the World
5 Smartest Animals in the World

5 Smartest Animals in the World

Humans are the smartest species on earth. However, primatologists in various studies say that many animals are actually much smarter than humans estimate. Then what animals are among the smartest in the world? Basically, the surgical system of each species has been adapted to their needs in living life. So many say that equating skills between species is useless. Under the pretext of science, many researchers have carried out various experiments to see the intelligence of animals and found unexpected things. Arriving at the conclusion raises a lot of debate about animal intelligence.

Recently, the daily Frontiers in Neuroanatomy published research results showing a comparison of the number of neurons (nerve cells) in the brains of some animals. The number of these neurons determines their level of cognitive skill, aka intelligence. As is well known, intelligence (intelligence) is neuroscience produced from neurotransmitter mechanisms that are the same in all species, especially in mammals. Just like in humans, intelligence in animals is also useful for correcting and improving the way these animals adapt. It is undeniable, because each species has many different skills, so superiority over a particular skill does not necessarily show that certain species are smarter than others. It continues to be the anatomical environment of the central nervous system of a species, so there are many aspects of intelligence that need to be observed.

From various studies, it is stated that there are several animals that categorized as the smartest animal in the world, including:


In a study recorded in BBC Future, it was found that crows are one of the smartest animal species in the world. They can use assistive devices to obtain food in the wild. Meanwhile, the brain capacity of crows is not as complex as that of mammals or primates.

Killer whale

Orcas or killer whales are intelligent marine mammals. They are sturdy, live socially, and have above average intelligence. National Geographic notes that the intelligence level of killer whales is very high, perhaps on a par with dolphins. Naturally, the killer whale brain weighs up to 7 kg and is the second largest in the class of marine mammals.


Octopuses are included in the type of invertebrate animals or animals that do not have a spine but can move agilely. Therefore, they have been named the smartest animal because they can escape from predators without leaving a trace.


These birds live in tropical and warm weather, as is well known, their intelligence is that they can mimic human speech. Eits, not just imitating, you know. Cockatoos can also respond to problems. However, this skill needs to be achieved with practice.


Elephants are social animals that can increase empathy in their group. Based on animal studies in Scientific American, elephants have very environmental intelligence and communication skills. These 2 things are needed by elephants to make them survivors in the wild.