Methods of Caring for Your Beloved Husky Dog
Methods of Caring for Your Beloved Husky Dog

Methods of Caring for Your Beloved Husky Dog

How to care for a husky dog does require some attention and should not be careless in caring for it. Here’s a guide for newcomers that can be followed. Dogs have been listed as part of many people’s families. Because it is considered friendly and intelligent, it’s not surprising that many people want to keep it. Included in this case is the Siberian husky dog.

The form of a husky is indeed similar to that of a wolf, but this dog is quite friendly and very good at protecting the house. Moreover, if trained properly and correctly, it will become an adorable friend at home. However, do you know how to care for huskies? Because to take care of this dog is not arbitrary and must have special knowledge. So, if this is your first experience raising a husky, here we will share tips for caring for it.

1. Sort and Distribute Quality Food

This type of husky dog includes animals that are able to survive in limited food conditions, because they are used to their natural habitat. In this session when you are going to feed him, it is very important to sort and determine the type of food that suits his needs. Make sure you choose those that are low in calories, so that your pet will develop healthily and have enough energy to play.

For the agenda or when the food is served, it’s enough to try just one to 2 times. Overriding the size can be adjusted according to the age, dimensions, and status of each. For new puppies or 3-4 months old, just give it 2 times a day, but if it’s above that, the dose can be adjusted. Avoid giving huskies with food that is usually eaten by humans or giving canned food, this will only make the dog experience diarrhea and affect their health, just give only special food.

2. Distributing Vaccines and Vitamins

The next step is to take care of your husky dog, you have to be ready to spend more, including in this section to pay for vaccines and vitamins. Getting the vaccine done as quickly as possible, because by injecting the vaccine keeps the dog healthy and free from invasion by viruses or germs that adversely affect the body.

Because this type of dog is listed as having lush fur, so if you don’t pay close attention it will make the fleas continue to multiply and affect their health later. Don’t forget to give vitamins too, because the role of these vitamins is to make the coat and body of your favorite husky dog always beautiful and healthy. Thus, make sure you consult with your veterinarian first for administering these vaccines and vitamins if you haven’t already done them for your pet.

3. Combing and scrubbing fur properly

This type of dog is clean and does not have a distinctive smell, because they are able to protect and protect themselves. In other words, to take care of it, you don’t need to bother, you have to always bathe it and comb its fur every time. However, you have to pay attention to the condition as well and don’t be too careless about treatment. If the wind will affect the condition of the fur, there will usually be hair loss and occur for 3 weeks.

So, for how to care for husky dogs for the next newcomer, you must have a regular schedule of combing and brushing their fur at least once per week. This is done so that the fur shines and is beautiful again, so you have to really pay attention to it. It is also important to understand that you don’t need to shave the fur even though it is entering a hot or dry season, because the function of the fur is to protect it from ultraviolet light radiation. Indeed, this type of dog is listed in a cold area, but that doesn’t mean you have to shave their fur so they don’t overheat.

4. Brushing His Teeth

For the needs of cleaning the body and fur, husky dogs are also intelligent and do not need a bath every month. Because many husky lovers only bathe this dog once a year. But it is necessary to pay attention to brushing his teeth, it is recommended that you brush your husky’s teeth at least 2-3 times a week.

For choosing toothpaste, you can get it from the nearest vet or pet shop from your home. The need to brush your teeth is not only to give fresh breath to the dog but also to prevent too much plaque from forming, so that if left unchecked it will affect the health aspects of it later. If you find it difficult to brush your husky dog’s teeth at home, you can come right away and ask the vet for help.

5. Pay attention to the state of the cage and regular socialization

The husky dog type is included in the type of dog that easily escapes and is smart in finding loopholes. In addition, there are some cases of huskies that can dig the ground and just run away. To keep your dog from running away, you have to pay close attention to the cage again so that if the condition of your cage is not good, it’s better to fix it right away and make sure everything is properly closed and meets its needs.

Don’t forget to direct your dog to socialize, because this will make him more in control of the close area. In addition, dogs who are actively taught and introduced to their new areas make huskies more confident and able to play better. Maybe you can take him for a walk in the yard or put him in a tutoring class for the activity.