These 6 Marine Animals Are Actually Mammals
These 6 Marine Animals Are Actually Mammals

These 6 Marine Animals Are Actually Mammals

Marine mammals are mammals that depend on the oceans for survival. The degree of dependence on the marine environment differs for each species. Most mammals live on land, but some live in the sea. What are the marine mammals? Come on, let’s follow!

1. Whale

Whales are generally called whales, however, whales are not included in the fish family. That’s because whales are mammals that don’t even have gills. Whales breathe with lungs and give birth to their young, unlike other fish that lay eggs. This large-bodied animal is also a carnivore that eats fish in the ocean.

2. Dolphins

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals. Just like whales, dolphins are also often call fish. Meanwhile, the dolphin is a marine mammal and is not include in the fish family. Dolphins are very smart animals, my friends. That’s why, lots of dolphin attractions are shown because these animals are very easy to train. Dolphins want to talk to each other with a shrill whistle.

3. Sea Lion

Sea lions are marine mammals that are commonly found in the Arctic. This animal has fairly long front fins and is use for standing. The front fins are also use for swimming like fish in general.

4. Seals

At first glance, seals are almost the same as sea lions. However, these two animals are different, you know, even though they are marine mammals together. In contrast to sea lions, seals have short forelimb. The rear fins are also longer so they are use for swimming.

5. Walruses

The walrus is the most recognizable Arctic animal. A distinctive feature of the walrus is the ivory protruding from its mouth. Unfortunately, the number of these marine mammals is starting to decline because many people are hunting them.

6. Dugongs

Dugongs or sea cows are also marine mammals. These animals generally live in shallow waters where there is a lot of seaweed. Dugong are generally active looking for food at night. Even though their eyesight is limited, this animal has good hearing.

Well, like that some mammals that live in the sea. Where have friends observed?